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About us

Do you ever feel bore of seeing the same brand or similar style of merchandises at where you usually shop? A common look available across many different fast fashion chain stores is the kind of uniform fashion that you are looking for? Have you ever thought of trying out some up and coming designer brands or dress yourself differently with your own real character and taste rather than going after common standards?

Valerie Vergar is a name plate for women fashion which provides you our in-house designed apparel and accessories as well as designer brand merchandises that will be delivered directly to your doorstep at your fingertip. Our mission is to provide you with quality and gorgeous merchandises that are different, unusual and out of norms which are value for money and makes you stand out from the common and predictable cloud. Rooted in Hong Kong and aiming the globe, we are constantly designing and sourcing new designer's merchandises from all over the world which would now accessible to our customers from different part of the world.


Inga Cheng

CEO - Valerie Vergar

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